During my work at the University of Applied Sciences I had the possibility to design a book. And I am very happy to say that it worked out quite well. Since it isn´t a small one either with about 250 Pages the challenge to do the layout and design was quite a hard one. Me experience in Adobe´s InDesign wasn´t also that great, but I got that covered now. So what´s the book about? Essentially it covers the last 8 years of Ars Electronica and the Symposium 'Expanded Animation' which is part of it. Expanded Animation tries to cover and expand the boundaries of Animation on a regular basis and invites to talks, presentation and discussions during the Ars Electronica Festival every year. And to sum it up the writers wanted to have a bundled set of a selection of works which has been awarded or discussed during the last 10 years as well as some theoretical and practical approaches in form of texts.

So the layout had to be quite flexibel as the form of content varied quite heavily. Typefaces already had been decided by Ars Electronica as they used Klavika as part of their corporate identity. So have a look on this few pictures over here, which i will update to a better quality as soon as my holidays are over and I have access to a professional photostudio again.

In the meantime you can check out Ars Electronica, Expanded Animation or buy the book on Amazon:

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