The Redshift Tools provide a set of Tools for SideFX Houdini in Combination with Redshift. Most of the things are done in Python although the tools also provide a few Assets as well. This Tools are under constant development. A stable Branch is available on Github. Below i show the most important Functionality of the Tools. You may find some hidden gems yourself. 


The Main Feature is a MaterialBuilder which allows the user to select a set of textures which will be combined into a Redshift Material. The user can choose from a set of option, which include the use of textures, using the as linear, setting up OpenGL shaders and height interpretations amongst others. 


OpenGL Shaders

However this options also can be used separately by the provided shelf buttons. Applying and removing (Viewport Performance) of OpenGL shaders, which also works for multiple materials at once. These can be(re-)applied at anytime. The tools also use default Redshift Shaders, so there are no locked (Indie-)Assets users have to worry about. 


OpenGL Shaders

There are also some additional handy features like creating ROPs from Cameras. So the script sets up ROPs from the selected cameras and fills the parameters accordingly. Second one is Takes from Cameras, which creates Houdini-Takes from the selected Cameras, which is nice for quick variations.


Right Click Menus

 The tools also provide Right-Click menus on objects for easier usage


MacBeth Chart

There is also the ability to create a MacBethChart which is available in OCIO and non-OCIO mode. It also can be parented to objects, e.g. the camera. 


Download & Support

At the moment only Windows is supported and tested, but this should work fine with Linux/MacOS as well as there are no OS-Level dependencies. The tools are open source and available on Github an can be downloaded for free. I do use them in Production however, so they should be safe.Bugs will be fixed asap on request. So feel free to contact me if you find any. Enjoy!  ´╗┐