Yesterday I released my Copy to Farm Script for Maya. Today there is the Houdini one. and it´s quite a beauty as well.

For the moment it is Windows and Houdini 17.5 (probably older versions as well) only, but I´ll put together versions Blender soo. But it may take a while since i don´t know Blenders API yet. A Linux Version will also follow at some point, but at the moment it has low priority as my environment is Windows only at the moment. See a full list of features below.

The Script (including some simple installation instructions) can be found on Github!


  • Copy Files to different Location (Links included)
  • List all Linked files
  • Only copy newer files
  • Copy all Files)
  • Copy Files from any Location (also from outside the $HIP-Folder) to new Project Directory (Rebuilds FolderStructure Below the new Project Location)
  • works with Houdini 17.5.360 ( and older possibly as well but untested)
  • OS-Exceptions are handled
  • Windows only (at the Moment)


FastCopy class provided by Dmytro on Stackoverflow