I just released a new script on Github. And it´s quite a handy one. Essentially it copies file from one directory to another, but what´s quite neat about it, is that i als relinks files from outside the current projects directory after copying it into the target directory. So it basically collects all dependencies, imports references (if you want to), and sets the project to the target directory. And it opens the new file in one go if you want to as well. And everything with a high performance python copy algorithm by the User Dmytro on stackoverflow i found. Thank you Dmytro!

For the moment it is Windows and Maya 2019 (probably older versions as well) only, but I´ll put together versions for Houdini and Blender soonish. A Linux Version will follow at some point, but at the moment it has low priority as my environment is Windows only at the moment. See a full list of features below.

The Script can be found on Github!


  • Copy Files to different Location (Links included)
  • Import all References (and create a backup from it)
  • List all Linked files
  • Only copy newer files
  • Copy all Files
  • Open New File in one Step (also sets the Workspace to this new Location)
  • Copy Files from any Location to new Project Directory (Rebuilds FolderStructure Below the new Project Location)
  • works with Maya 2019 and newer (2018 and older possibly as well but untested)
  • OS-Exceptions are handled
  • Windows only (at the Moment)