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Houdini Library egLib rereleased

I just rereleased my own Houdini-Library which consists of some python scripts as well as Houdini HDAs which may be useful from time to time. I´ll maybe break down some of this tools in the near future on this site. Heres the ReleaseNotes on the Readme from Github for now: Features: Provided Scripts This library…
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Copy to Farm – Houdini Version

Yesterday I released my Copy to Farm Script for Maya. Today there is the Houdini one. and it´s quite a beauty as well. For the moment it is Windows and Houdini 17.5 (probably older versions as well) only, but I´ll put together versions Blender soo. But it may take a while since i don´t know…
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Copy to Farm Script

I just released a new script on Github. And it´s quite a handy one. Essentially it copies file from one directory to another, but what´s quite neat about it, is that i als relinks files from outside the current projects directory after copying it into the target directory. So it basically collects all dependencies, imports…
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