Hey there,

today I released egRedshiftTools. So what is this about? They are simply convenience tools for Redshift Renderer (www.redshift3d.com) for usage with SideFx Houdini. These tools are free and open source under MIT License. Find the Features first. Thoughts below. Scroll to the bottom for links.

Features include:

Sometimes I need to apply a Material to multiple Objects. Simple as that:

Apply multiple Materials with a shelf tool, the fast way

This also applies OpenGL Shaders to the Textures which are linked to the Redshift Material itself.

OpenGL Shaders and created Materials in action

But the OpenGL Shaders also can be applied manually, for your existing Materials. Since this script calls just python, you do not need to worry about your Redshift-Version (as opposed to an encapsulated HDA).

Apply OpenGL Shaders manually

Set OpenGL Textures for an entire Material via Shelf or Right Click Menus. OpenGL Textures can also be used for a variance of channels. The channels can be selected via right-click menus. The support channels are at the moment: Diffuse, Roughness, Specular, Emission, Normal. The other channels are not supported by Redshift at the moment.

You can also apply Textures - this needs to be done manually for Viewport Performance Reasons

This is not realized as an HDA on purpose to be able to remove Attribute at any point. So of course OpenGL Attributes can be removed as well. e.g. if your viewport gets sluggish.

Clear OpenGL Shaders from an Object/Material

I often create multiple cameras within a scene, and want to render a view or many of them. To set the all up by hand is boring. So there also is script to create a Take for each selected Camera.

Create Takes from selected Cameras

You can also set the current Viewport Camera as the Rendercam, which might come in handy some time.

Set Viewport Cam to ROP

Additional Thoughts

All of this features and even some more a available on my Github. For free and Open Source! Just hit me up on Github or Twitter (links below) with any questions/feedback or bugs you discover. Or even if you just want to stop by and have a nice chat. Since we are all home at the moment anyways...

Some features of this tools you may know from other tools as well, but I wanted to build them myself for several reasons. First of all I always wanted to build a proper tool like this. Secondly I also was missing some features from the other solutions where I also had to get several tools to combine them. Those are really great (!) tools, don´t get me wrong. And a third point would be to exercise and get used to the Houdini Python API. So why not build them myself? As i mentioned already this code is open source. So rip it apart, use it for your own tools, or learn from it. Feel free to do as you wish.

There also a few HDAs and a Texture Converter which I will mention in another post. Stay tuned, stay safe!


Scripts on Github: https://github.com/eglaubauf/egRedshiftTools

Me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eglaubauf