Hey there, nice to have you around.

My Name is Elmar and I am a 3D-Artist from Austria. I love to experiment and explore new styles and have a passion for Motion Design and VFX.

As a Freelancer I am available for international enquiries, open to travel and have a Workstation at home for Remote Work. Usually I work with SideFx Houdini and Redshift Renderer, and also have experience with Maya, Cinema4D and V-Ray. But I am always open to new technologies and approaches.

Not sure if i am the right guy for your project? Just send me an e-mail or let's have a chat via phone or video call. I am currently also looking for a permant position in a Studio.

Clients & Partners
Kunabi Brother, Field, Ars Electronica, Congaz Visual Media Company, Lux & Zebra,...