My name is Elmar and I am a motion designer, teacher and researcher.

I am a motion design freelancer with a focus on 3D Content Creation and also work as a teacher at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Expanded Animation 2019

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Expanded Animation 2017

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Personal Projects

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I do research in the field of procedural animation during my day job at university. Head over to the Blog section for posts and infos related to my research.


Design is communication, and i like to communicate. Besides my teaching job I  do freelance work and as well as personal projects.


Currently I teach 3D Design Basics and Procedural 3D-Concepts at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

I also have a blog, where I post my recent findings on motion design software, tips and tricks, new renderings and explorations from time to time.

Houdini Library egLib rereleased

I just rereleased my own Houdini-Library which consists of some python scripts as well as Houdini HDAs which may be useful from time to time. I´ll maybe break down some[…]

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Copy to Farm – Houdini Version

Yesterday I released my Copy to Farm Script for Maya. Today there is the Houdini one. and it´s quite a beauty as well. For the moment it is Windows and[…]

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Copy to Farm Script

I just released a new script on Github. And it´s quite a handy one. Essentially it copies file from one directory to another, but what´s quite neat about it, is[…]

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