My name is Elmar and I am a Freelance 3D Artist

I am a Freelance 3D Artist with a focus on procedural content creation with SideFX Houdini

Expanded Animation 2019

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Expanded Animation 2017

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Personal Projects

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I like to build scripts and libraries for different DCCs. I simply like to build procedural setups, streamline workflows and avoid unnecessary clicking.


Design is communication, and i like to communicate. Besides Freelance work i also teach at a unversity from time to time.

Passion Projects

I always like to have a passion project around, to keep progressing and designing, also besides work.

I also have a blog, where I post my recent findings on motion design software, tips and tricks, new renderings and explorations from time to time.

egRedshiftTools released

Hey there, today I released egRedshiftTools. So what is this about? They are simply convenience tools for Redshift Renderer ( for usage with SideFx Houdini. These tools are free and[…]

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Houdini Library egLib rereleased

I just rereleased my own Houdini-Library which consists of some python scripts as well as Houdini HDAs which may be useful from time to time. I´ll maybe break down some[…]

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Copy to Farm – Houdini Version

Yesterday I released my Copy to Farm Script for Maya. Today there is the Houdini one. and it´s quite a beauty as well. For the moment it is Windows and[…]

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